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April 15–May 21, 2017

Recess: May 21, 2014

Am Schmidt

Recess: May 21, 2014, a month-long summoning of musician Dave Navarro.

March 10–April 8, 2017


Andrew Lampert

Faked/Out is a multi-platform response to the world’s current information crises.

March 2017

Fantasies of the Junk Shop

Hunter Braithwaite

January 3–March 4, 2017

You Never Know What Idea You Might Have

Motoko Fukuyama

A two-month project that will forge links between Recess and Argo Electronics, located on Canal Street one block away from our storefront.

December 2016

Get in Where You Can Fit in

Danielle Jackson

November 3–December 23, 2016


Željka Blakšić

BROUHAHA is a shape-shifting habitat, with a sculptural skate ramp positioned in the space as its physical anchor.

October 2016


Corrine Fitzpatrick

September 1–October 29, 2016

Refuge in the Means


Canaries will address the two primary components of their practice—collective care and self-care—through programs and documentary activities

July 2016

Ecstatic Resilience

Sable Elyse Smith

May 14–July 9, 2016

Kingdom Splurge (4)

Lauren Halsey

An interplanetary liquid environment composed of hyperreal gardens, fantasy landscapes, and pools of beauty water.

May 2016


Birgit Rathsmann

March 12–May 7, 2016

Flow Pool

Marie Lorenz

A two-month long project that proposes the titular structure as a site for investigating questions ranging from the practical to the poetic.

January 7–March 5, 2016

Living Magasine

Total Effekt

The artists conducted a speculative archaeological study of “the home,” examining the practical and symbolic value of the dwelling.

December 2015

You Have 4 Messages


November 10–December 19, 2015

My Twilight Zone Thing

Sondra Perry

Perry takes the television series The Twilight Zone (1959–1964) as the starting point for an investigation of multi-dimensional identity construction.

October 2015

Four to the Fourth

Morgan Bassichis, Jaime Shearn Coan, Katherine Brewer Ball, and Leeroy Kun Young Kang

September 4–November 3, 2015

Double Mouth Feedback

Jonah Groeneboer

Double Mouth Feedback explores the human voice as an instrument to express, or conversely, to repress, the self.

July 2–August 29, 2015

Small Town Sex Shop

Katherine Hubbard and Savannah Knoop

Hubbard and Knoop will explore connotations of production through a synthesis of clothing-making, sculpture and installation.

June 2015

Search History

Rebecca Worby

April 30–June 27, 2015


The Institute for New Feeling

IfNf will create an installation that offers individuals a clairvoyant reading generated by the misuse of online search engines.

March 19–April 25, 2015

False Alphabets

Sara Magenheimer

Magenheimer will construct sculptural sets composed of photographs, objects, and film equipment that will become the backdrop for a new video.