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Designed by and built in collaboration with Artist & Educator, Kristina Bivona, the print shop at Recess is a fully functional screen print operation that was hand-built by Recess participants. The program regularly engages in collaborations with other arts programs as well as regular collaboration with Session artists. Additionally, each peer leader learns and evolves their printmaking skills by creating their own personal projects. The prints from the shop fold in sculpture, printmaking, book arts, graphic design, commercial, and arts printing to nurture entrepreneurial and professional initiatives through the arts.

Over the course of several years the Assembly print shop has produced: T-shirts, patches, pants, seed packets, book marks, posters, candle labels, large scale and multi color editions of artist prints, tote bags, bandanas, zines, blankets, playing cards, prayer cards, brown paper bags, creative/collaborative window and wall vinyl installations, stickers, phone cases, soap packages, 12” and 6” record sleeves, couture street wear, and much much more!

To get involved, to donate, or learn more about the printshop email

Current + Past Printshop Lead Artists

Print Shop Lead 2018-2023

Nate Bernard
Nate Bernard

Multidisciplinary artist & print-shop educator excelling in hand-stitched bags, hats, & clothing.

Fellow 2020-2021, Print Shop Lead 2020-2023


Artist, screen-printer, community safety advocate, skilled skateboarder, photographer, & musician.

Print Shop Lead 2022-2023


Brandon creates works in the intersection of creativity and academia as a graphic designer.

Print Shop Lead 2020-2022

Steph, also known as chef, is a multi-faceted artist specializing in screen printing & cooking.

Curriculum & Resources


The Printshop Learning Curriculum is developed to maintain initiative with the print program at Recess Assembly. The print shop introduces folks to materials, lesson plans, and schedules for at home (DIY) and shop printing. The workshops are translatable to online and in person learning, as printmakers focus on how to translate our program into their homes and personal ambitions. The incoming printmakers focus on the various ways printmakers have developed and maintained practices with minimal resources over centuries. Through this we hope to instill a lasting confidence in the Recess Print Peer Leaders that their skills are mutable and valuable in any circumstance.


-34” Vinyl Cutter: This supports imagery and text within a 2” minimum. The expanse of vinyl can accommodate up to a 22” height and any length. (Artist is responsible for purchase of vinyl for large scale creative installation. Small scale and wall text vinyl can be provided in house) -15” x 15” Vinyl Heat Press: This can print multicolor and sublimation prints on fabric (artist is responsible for purchase of vinyl) -Canon Pixma Pro-100 : Photo paper is responsibility of the artist as well as any ink needed for print production over 10 pages -Six color T-shirt printing press: We have standard and oversize platen to accommodate Adult Sm-XXL. T-shirt/fabric purchases are the artist responsibility -Six table top presses including one oversize and one mobile unit: These are used for artist prints on paper. -Tool library -Papermaking, cyanotype, and linoleum/woodcut equipment -A Chop/Miter Saw

Space: We are a 4,000sq ft (approx) basement printshop with multiple side rooms -A clean room with light tables and book making supplies -A dark room for screen printing exposures -A digital workspace with Mac desktop, laptop, and iPad -A drawing space with wall mirror -Oversize matte table top paper cutting space -A ten drawer flat file storage space -A four shelf screen storage space -A washout room and slop sink (please note there is no floor drainage and spillage requires mopping/wet vac)

Materials:*material stock may vary. Please contact to check availability. -Matsui fluorescent ink base -Matsui RGB ink base -Matsui opaque base -Matsui transparent base -Speedball assorted acrylic inks -Speedball assorted fabric inks -Epson photo paper -Rives lightweight paper grat -Bristol board -Tear bar -Small board shear -Extended arm stapler - Pink, gold, salmon, yellow, baby blue, black, and white Orcal wall vinyl -Canvas -tote bags -bandanas -3 drills -4 hammers -power sander -10ft, 7ft, and 3ft ladder -drop clothes -scrap wood -spirit levels -measuring tape -clear gridded rulers -cork backed rulers -t-square -India ink -sumi brushes

What we have in stock in the shop is here to support your work. Please consult Kristina before removing any equipment or supplies. We can link you with a printshop apprentice to nurture collaboration and support your needs.