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March 14–18, 2012

VVAVE (3 of 6)

Christine Sun Kim, John Andrew, and Aliza Simons

Christine Sun Kim will initiate a live and continuous 72-hour radio and internet broadcast as the third event in, Feedback.

January 10–March 10, 2012


John Miserendino

For Pavilion, Miserendino will reinterpret Dan Graham’s original plans for his architectural structures.

On view

Feedback 2 of 6: Now Hiring

Christine Sun Kim and Beka Goedde

Christine Sun Kim will initiate a performance and installation as the second event in her six-part Session at Recess.

November 8–December 11, 2011

The Four Chambered Heart

Leila Hekmat

Hekmat will fuse the therapist’s office, researcher center, and performance set.

October 31–November 4, 2011

Feedback: Nonstop (1 of 6)

Christine Sun Kim and Lukas Geronimas

Christine Sun Kim will begin work on the inaugural performance of her 6- event series as part of Session.

October 1–December 10, 2011

The Family Creative


FCKNLZ will house a series of workshops adapted from The Family Creative Workshop, a twenty-three-volume encyclopedia of craft projects.

September 27–December 1, 2011

September 27th – December 1st

Park McArthur and Yve Laris Cohen

Laris Cohen and McArthur will use Recess as a space to work on individual and collaborative projects concerning the politics of inclusion.

August 17–October 22, 2011


Galería Perdida

galería perdida will build a series of galleries that will nest within one another utilizing the Russian doll as its model.

July 5–September 24, 2011

Them That Believe

Jonathan Durham

Durham will generate a series of photos, videos and sculptures that explore a literal translation of belief into radical action.

June 18–August 6, 2011

Wiggle Room

Larry Bob Phillips

Phillips will record four collaborative events, covering the walls inside 41 Grand Street with large-scale, and densely detailed drawings.

April 26–June 1, 2011


Gibby Haynes

Haynes’ project will be the second iteration of Recess’s collaboration with Charlotte Kidd and Dustin Yellin from Kidd Yellin Studios in Red Hook.

April 13–June 11, 2011

Worn Thin

Jeff Williams

Williams will develop a series of sculptures, photographs, and videos along with a stratum of accumulated site-specific experiments.

January 31–April 25, 2011

Engage and Control

Lior Shvil

Shvil’s video project will launch Recess’s collaboration with Charlotte Kidd and Dustin Yellin from Kidd Yellin Studios.

January 12–March 26, 2011

Scott Keightley’s solo exhibition

Scott Keightley

Keightley will create a series of sculptural and painted elements that will continually develop throughout his time on site.

October 28–December 11, 2010

The Brown Bear: Neither Particular, Nor General

A.K. Burns and Katherine Hubbard

Burns and Hubbard will adapt Recess into a working installation that will intentionally conflate the hair and art salon.

July 7–September 2, 2010

Spirit Tours 11

Dave Hardy and Siebren Versteeg

The artists collaborated as Spirit Tours for the first time in the summer of 2004. In summer 2010, they will continue dictating the future.

March 27–June 12, 2010


Kara Hearn

Hearn will complicate the roles of spectator and performer, inviting visitors to play an active part in the construction of a 60-90 minute video.

January 13–March 20, 2010


Bruce High Quality Foundation

BHQFU defines itself as an unaccredited university where “students are teachers are administrators are staff… a university.

September 23–November 28, 2009

Double Room

Corin Hewitt and Molly McFadden

Hewitt and McFadden have approached the unique program at Recess as an impetus to merge production with performance.