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Experiments in Networked Performance Showcase


July 8, 2023

46 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205

Join the participants of SFPC's Experiments in Networked Performance for a day and night of experimental digital performances designed for a live online audience, whether it be chat rooms, interactive video livestreams, tiny LARPs or collaborative artmaking. The event will both take place in person at Recess and be streamed to and feature live web interaction alongside the stream!

Featuring presentations by: 1pm Cohort: Adelle Lin August Luhrs Brandon Tong Brent Bailey Cece Maravilla Dan Xu Eli Muro Fereshteh Toosi Halim Lee Jeeyoon Hyun Jonathan Thaw Jules Kris Justin Roberts Lauren Wedderburn Nico Perey Raphael Koranda Sara Martinez Sarah Choukah

8pm Cohort: Amad Ansari Asha Abel Charles de Agustin Coco Ma Jaiyn X Kasra Mikaili Len Predko Logan gabrielle Schulman Luna Doherty-Ryoke Mad Pinney Maria Fernanda Alves da Silva Nina Zhong Noura Zekry Paloma Rendon Dawkins Pattaraporn Kittisapkajon Solomon Leyba Souha M.Y. Tansy Xiao

Session Organizers and Teachers: Todd Anderson Tiri Kananuruk

With support from: Sebastien Morales Yuguang Zhang

Free with RSVP