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Day-long Convening: Re-Configuring Our Relationships with Our Tech and Ourselves

Suhyun Choi

February 11, 2023, 1:00 – 6:00pm


How to be with Each Other

1-2:15 pm

Through behavioral modification technologies, the way we interact with each other has been shaped through technology. Can we hack the way we develop relationships? For example, can we move at the speed of trust, informed by everyday Transformative Justice practices of being with each other? Inspired by Transformative Justice and Disability Justice practitioner Mia Mingus’ techniques such as Apology Lab and how to have generative conflict, Accountability Mapping, and Consentful Tech project, this workshop will include a pod-mapping exercise from Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective as a distributed networks exercise.

Bring your Personal Device on Date <3

2:30-4:30 pm

This dating session is a gesture of loving our technologies that were produced to oppress us. How do you personalize your technology? What technologies have you developed racial-emotional affinity to? Tech self-care is not only about boundaries, but conscious connection. In this session we will be decorating our personal devices, writing love letters to them, and taking them out on a cute and well-deserved date! The first 16 people to arrive will receive a custom laptop sleeve.

DIY Personal Device Zine Making

4:45-6 pm

Computers and phones are our portals to collective consciousness, memory, and memory-making. They can be expressions of our individual Indigenous ancestral memory technologies, as part of earth memory. This workshop asks: What do you want to remember? Forget? What are the memory technologies that we tap into every day that moves us towards life, our understanding of our humanity (i.e. prayer, gratitude, writing love letters, etc.)? Technology today composes us, for us, through algorithms produced by systems of oppression. How do we want to co-evolve with technology, in order to produce ourselves? Through this zine making exercise, we will design our own memory technologies as personal devices.