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reflections of barro: a ritual for closure

Marcela Torres and Assembly

February 3, 2024 at 2:00pm

Rituals give us all a powerful tool for helping to shape and reshape our lives. We live as part of an ecosystem, a world connected both through space and land. A world where more often than not we forget how things come about for our use before they are thrown out and forgotten again. To remember gives forth an experience of the past, an honoring of what once was and may never be again.

In reflections of barro: a ritual for closure, we give forth an opportunity to think on the ways in which we choose to say goodbye. We uplift the memory of what was, find peace and embrace the wonder of what will become.

This event marks the closing of Marcela Torres’ and Assembly Fellows’ collaborative project The flow of mud/barro. Recess teaching artist Glenn Quentin George has been working with Assembly Fellows throughout the course of the project for ongoing reflection on the project culminating in their contributions to this closing ritual that will also invite audience participation if they wish. Light refreshments to follow.