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Soulful Synergy

KING COBRA and Hue Hallums


September 23, 2023, 1:00 – 3:00pm

46 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205

Step into the realm of profound healing as you immerse yourself in a transformative yoga and Reiki collaboration between Yaya and Master Hue. Together, they’ll weave ancient traditions to offer a holistic journey towards wellness, specifically crafted for the BiPOC community. This special group offering creates space for self-discovery and empowerment. Anchored in the cultural tapestry of Brooklyn, Yaya's vinyasa flow classes are a fusion of movement and mindfulness, with a particular emphasis on alignment and grounding postures. Her sessions are more than just physical practice; they are a bridge to inner awareness, promoting a symbiotic relationship between body and mind. As a Reiki healer, Yaya channels healing energies, facilitating emotional catharsis and overall well-being. In their sessions, they create a sacred space where healing energy flows effortlessly, guiding individuals towards emotional release, rejuvenation, and spiritual alignment. The harmonious notes of their sound healing sessions, facilitated through a variety of instruments, ripple through the senses, dissolving blockages and instilling harmony within.