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Jul 19


Analog - Black Art Incubator takes a pair of references as its starting point: Zora Neale Hurston’s assertion in Their Eyes Were Watching God that the black women is the “mule” of the world; and the tenet of Ubuntu philosophy that holds that the self can be a self only because of its relative positioning within a collective society, and in turn, a collective society can be maintained only through acknowledgement of this interconnectedness. This project creates a platform for meditation on this inseparability of self and community and on the power of black women as the agents of communal possibility.

The Black Art Incubator is a social sculpture designed to create an intervention in the “art world” through a series of public events that bring together artists, curators, community members, critics, and scholars. Using collaboration and public engagement as guiding methodologies, The Black Art Incubator will seek to provoke new understandings of the myriad sectors that comprise the contemporary art world. The Black Art Incubator is organized by Taylor Renee Aldridge, Jessica Bell Brown, Kimberly Drew, and Jessica Lynne and presented as part of Recess’s online residency, Analog.

Design: Studio Lin, Sharon Gong
Programming: Sharon Gong

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Black Art Incubator
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